Development continues

After taking well deserved 1 month break I'm fully recovered and ready to work. Although I won't be spending as much time on this game as I used to since I got a job for the time being - I'll still work on  it whenever I can.

Before I start going ham with creating content - that is new levels, weapon, enemies and so on - I need to take care of few technical aspects of the game first. This is the final polish to code structure so I won't need to worry too much about tech stuff while making the game.

There are 3 major things I need to get done:

  • Inventory system
  • Weapon/Combo system
  • Audio system

The inventory system is currently poorly done, It's one of the first things I implemented for the game which was buggy and unoptimazed and it stayed this way. I had to make quite a few workarounds to make it work as I wanted to and be bug-free. But the more code I wrote for it, the more bruteforcefull it felt - like ducktaping a riddled bottle. So instead I'm just gonna replace a bottle for a new one and rewrite the whole thing.

Second is weapon and combo system. It is actually very well done and working pretty good but code structure is all over the place and unintuitive. That system will stay the same in means of how it works but the code needs to be better organized. Currently I have a class containing a big list of all the available moves player can do and based on the weapon we are using I search for corresponding method that describes the move. Instead I'll move all the functionality of the weapon to Weapon class itself. That way Weapon will hold the information about itself as well as description of what it can do.

Last thing is audio system, that is currently... not present. All the audio ingame currently plays through quickly set up primitive system containing few premade audio sourced and one class managing it. It was made just to have some way of playing sounds and music in the demo. Now I have to make actual proper audio system so it's once again - more intuitive to manage and add things to. That will also let me make volume settings which are currently missing from the game.

That's it for now. Lots of stuff to do.

Regards, Bizio.

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